Arks story is: you wake up on a mysterious island head…

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Arks story is: you wake up on a mysterious island head hurts a thing is in your arm you scratch it nothing happens next thing you know your fighting the overseer then your flying through space and are falling apart. You wake up once again but now your implant has a ruby in the middle and your in a desert how could things get worse 25 day later your killing a part lion part scorpion part goat part dragon huh.... you fall asleep once again this time you are in a huge cave place that is messed up with the explorers notes you find out the scientist from the 1500s is a huge monster that was dipped in chaos goo (element) you kill the gigantic beast your flying through space again this time you see earth is dead why?! You wake up cold hungry and thirsty YOUR ON DAMN EARTH WTF!!! you survive kill the titans stop the corruption save earth and extract every las bit of element from the soil awesome. Part 2 coming soon

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