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A well imprinted karkinos with really high health can be effective against reaper queens since they don't get torpor from it's attacks and can jump away if you are about to get pushed into molten element of angry rock drakes and/or spinos just keep in mind your karkinos will probably get flung as soon as you dismount. Always make sure you have a glide suit so you can get back to your crab safely as megas and carnos will suddenly aggro on you. Also good for underwater exploration albeit it is not built for speed eels and cindaria will not aggro karkinos. Karkinos can also be used to tame just about anything sarcos or smaller since it can grab them and you can use a longneck/crossbow while mounted and it won't drop them when you dismount. Do not overestimate it's climbing ability it doesn't jump as high as it looks.

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