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So I was a level 34 noob trudging my way through the jungle, when I came to a clearing. I suddenly caught a flash of movement, and, behold, saw a pack of raptors chasing after a beautiful green iguanadon. I immediately wanted it for myself. I killed the four raptors with a pike and freed the beautiful iguanadon. Of course, I didn’t know that, If shot with a tranq arrow, it would attack me, so I did, and it attacked. I was immediately reminded of the way a kangaroo fights. Anyways, I managed to tame it, I name it marijuanadon. and many days go by. I build a pen for it. I leave and tame a spinosaurus. I take the spino for a hunt. I am heading home with a lot of meat in my inventory and I see the notification, β€œyour marijuanadon, iguanadon, was killed by a carno. I desperately head back home. I see a carno, feasting on my beautiful iguanadon. Anger fills my heart. I pursue the carno. It already has low health because my iguanadon bravely defended itself. I take revenge. That is my story.

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