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I was making a trip to the volcano on my pteranodon and while I was in the air a micro raptor knocked me off my pteranodon and I fell on the beach surrounding the redwoods I died and I came back to see my pteranodon dead I then died again attempting to get my stuff back I then brought my iguanadon and I died after a micro raptor knocked me off again I came back and to my surprise my iguanadon was fine and standing heroically over my dead corpse I then get my stuff and start heading back when the same thing happened in the swamp but there were 3 dimorphs and when I came back they were all dead while my iguanadon had a mere scratch and he fended off a total of 4 dimorphs 5 titanaboas and 2 microraptors at least

Tl;dr iguanadon is a tank and is epic

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