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How to tame!

Supply’s needed-

Raw fish meat (probably best option)

And an ichthyosaurus saddle, but this is optional!

How to!

1. Go to the ocean- and in the shallows- or in the deeps (I definatly recommend the shallows as I don’t like deep water, and it is harder to come up for air in the deep. There are also megalodons in the deep, and they will wreck all of your plans.)

2. Hold your raw fish meat, then go near an ichthy. It should look at you and follow you.

3. Feed it some meat!

Tip! ( they usually swim away from you after you feed them, so if you like- or can, it is good to have a mount that can swim underwater to help you catch up with them when they need more meat. I understand that not all people have an underwater tame, and that is perfectly fine! You don’t need one, but it does help!)

4. You now have an ichthyosaurus! Equipped a saddle (if you have one)

Congratulations, you now have an ichthy!

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