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How to raise an itchy

1. Go into the water for a good swim and see what you can find one

2. Once you see one it might swim up to you and hug you

3. Obtain meat to feed the marine reptile

4. Begin feeding the reptile WARNING: there is a bug that when they are hugging you they glitch and get you stuck and you could very well drown doing this so be careful.

5. Once tamed craft a saddle for it. It is fairly easy to craft the itchy saddle

Uses of the itchy when tamed:

1. They are extremely agile and swim faster than any other aquatic tame

2. For mobile players: they don’t get aggravated on by anything

3. They are so fast they do a full rotation around the island in less than 3 in game days

Weaknesses of the itchy when tamed:

1. They don’t have much health nor do they do much dmg

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