How to tame a ichyosaurus in ark mobile.

1. Look in the water, they are mostly found in giant ponds or the ocean from my experience. They most likely try to hug you.

2. Have dodo kibble or raw fish meat in your hotbar

3. approach ichy and click the dodo kibble or fish meat once your near it.

Continue doing this untill it is tamed.

4. If you are doing "Tame ichyosaurus" quest, then you will get a acsendant ichyosaurus saddle.

Information and tips about ichyosaurus:

If you have acsendant saddle and high level ichyosaurus, level up melee and health, you will have a incredibly strong ichy. People say they are weak, but if you do that it will be really strong, and I know its true because I tamed a high level ichy with ascendant saddle and I killed brontos, megalodons, sarcos and more. I really recommend dodo kibble for taming. Try getting a hungry low level ichy first and when you try taming a higher level, it will be WAY easier. Don't worry, they will never hurt you unless they are being ridden by another person in PVP and they decide to attack you. Goodluck taming a ichyosaurus!

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