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Dev1: Let’s make an arctic creature!

Dev2: You mean like, another penguin?

Dev1: No, silly! An Ice Titan!

Dev2: Well that doesn’t sound so bad.

Dev1: Make it really intimidating and big enough to swallow a rex.

Dev2: I take that back, this isn’t gonna be good.

Dev1: Shut up and stop worrying! Nothing I make is ever a mistake!

Dev1: Give it hundreds of thousands of health.

Dev2: Hundreds of melee damage?

Dev1: No, 15,000 damage obviously.

Dev2: Is it a boss?

Dev1: Yeah, and it’s tamable!

Dev2: Well that won’t ruin base raids at all.

Dev1: Oh, you haven’t seen the worst of it.

Dev2: But it’s a boss! Not to mention it has 15,000 damage!

Dev1: Well it may be a boss yes, but it’s not the final boss.

Dev2: Do I dare ask any questions?

Dev1: Make it look like godzilla, but big enough to crash the game every time.

Dev2: That’s it, I quit!

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