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I’m here to tell you how to tame him! So sit back and I’ll tell you everything you need to know before trying to tame him, starting with what he looks like (I’ll try). Then what to bring, and finnaly, how to tame him!

Firstly, let’s begin with what he looks like! Although he has some difficulty fending off enemies he can’t reach, he is definitely by far the best titan to tame for fighting purposes. Standing on all fours with fur covering most of his body with little ice spike protruding it’s fur. A long tail with a ice chunk at the tip. Long bear like claws. And a face with three horns, one made of ice placed like a rhino, and the two others on the left and right side of the head similar to a mountain ram. It has frosted limestone covering some of its back with massive ice spike protruding.

Alright now we have that done and over with, and again I apologize for the description for what he looks like, but anyways. This brings us to “What to bring!”

Now there is the very expensive, but safe, and moderately effective way. And there’s the cheap, effective but extremely dangerous way.

Let’s begin with the expensive way. For this get ready to spend the rest of your life grinding element dust for element. Or the easy but irritating way of the element veins. (Size of the vein determines the difficulty, so if you don’t want any trouble, I suggest finding a small one.) Also be ready to grind metal, and black pearls, and corrupted nodules. And get yourself a reliable mek. Grab a ton of element, and (if you can afford it) be sure to grab your Tek suit.

That leaves us with the Cheap but effective and dangerous option:

Get started by grabbing some Tek gear (two sets are recommended) and craft 1 or 2 Tek guns, grab 40 element or more. Warning: do not try this in hardcore, because the chances you might die are about 68%. Do not ask how I know that. Bring health brews too.

Alright now the options have been discussed that leaves us with how you are going to tame this beast. (Since titan is my personal favorite I tame him a lot) Like the other two tamable titans you tame him by shooting the corruption off of him, it’s the same with this guy. In case you were wondering the corruption spawns in the exact same place every time, and with the ice titan the corruption spawns first on: The back of its right, hind ankle. So this one is the most difficult to shoot. Next after destroying that corruption, the next one spawns on: the top of its right shoulder. You will have to fly to shoot this one. And finnaly the easiest one: in the center of his chest (this one is very easy to shoot.)

Now I’ll tell you how to tame it with a mek, since meks overheat, I find it better to hover away from a incoming attack, this way you wouldn’t damage the mek, and it saves full :D 👍 like I said the ankle is hard to shoot, and if your not directly in front of the titan (if it’s not in the middle of an attack) it will turn to face you directly. This makes shooting it irritating. I find it effective to fly toward the titan, initiating a melee attack. To then hover behind it giving you a couple easy hits on the corruption before it turns again. Continue until the corruption is destroyed and use the same tactic on its shoulder. And the one on its chest.

The dangerous taming tactic:

This option is all about strategy and performance of said strategy. this titan is full of effective melee attacks, however it does have a moderate windup before said attack. The strategy I use is run around him, then as he winds up to slug the ground. I make a B- line straight for the corruption, right when I reach the side of the ankle I open fire on the corruption. The more damage your gun can do the better. Keep this up until he cripples after you shot the ankle corruption. And fly to his right shoulder and shoot that one. Don’t get to close! And for the last one, wait for him to smash the ground with his fists, shoot and run away, and repeat.

For those who say he eats mejoberries and meat to tame, that isn’t how it works. Tranqs don’t work either, and you would see exactly why once tamed. regardless tranqs are ineffective against titans. And on the contrary tamed titans don’t eat anything at all. If your titan is dieing, that means your on multiplayer (this makes them a 24 hour tame until it starves to death. This is unpreventable). If your on single player you keep your titan.

What do you do after you destroy all the corruption? The kaiju will collapse, simply go up to it as if it was a tame and open its option menu. It will prompt a message in yellow text saying “Tame ____ Kaiju!”

Bonus tips:

*The ice titan can solo the gamma king titan.

*The ice titan has a 10x damage bonus towards corrupted creatures (this includes the king titan, corrupted Dinos, Etc)

*Tamed titans always remain at level 2500

*wild titans spawn at level 1500

*The ice titan is the only titan with the ability to leap.

Thx for reading :D

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