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I was once at my base incubating and imprinting some wyverns on Ragnerrok (sorry if I spelled that wrong) when I noticed a tribe of 5 people come to raid my base. One was on a flyer (I think he was the leader of the raid), 2 were on gigas, 2 were on a freaking titanosaur. My friend was out gathering more wyvern milk when this happened. I called him and he came, riding on his griffin, who had happened to be named Buckbeak. When the raiders saw him with buckbeak they no joke apologized, gave us 3 fertilized giga eggs and 5 fertilized therozinosaur eggs and said sorry. I’m not sure if it was a prank my friend had set up or what but I was happy. Also I had a griffin with me named Kestrel.

Phoenix the Survivor

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