The his furry stink ape is a must have for caving, exploration, and travel. Hop of this lost father in a bush for fiber and wack em for berries.

I wiped out the entire lava cave in just six minutes. With a few foundations of course for traveling over gaps but they are absolute tanks. You can equip a helmet in the saddle spot (i use the flak helmet) and they look so menacing.

If you want to tame, make this trap out of WOOD. Make a 2x2 foundation with 1 wall high. And around the rim of the walls place ceilings on the OUTSIDE. when you use your argy to lift this guy into the trap it will agro somewhat fast so make it relatively close to it and drop it in but right after you drop it in and land CROUCH as soon as you can and wait till it’s not mad anymore. Once it’s chilled out hop on the ceilings and crouch again. Feed this guy mejoberries for an easy tame and/or use soothing balm for a faster taming process. You could also just follow him around with mejoberries in your hand and shove it up his butt. The trap is easiest way for taming this beast and you can rule ark with this guy.

^if you find this helpful

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