A while ago when I was lv45, I grabbed my crossbow, some…

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A while ago when I was lv45, I grabbed my crossbow, some berries and set out on camouflage, my pteranodon. I haven’t lved my pteranodons stamina for a while so he got tired fast and started landing down on a cliff right to the entrance to a redwood. I was feeding him and waiting till I could ride him again when out of nowhere was a whole NEST of titanboas!!!! 😱 they started attacking my pteranodon and I tried to fly away but he was too tired and wouldn’t fly so they killed him and came for me, I ran into the redwood and bumped into a giant, furry...man? The Titanboas were still coming so I went behind him and hoped the titanboas would kill him, but the giga roared and killed all the titanboas, I was so happy and relieved I tamed and named him Michigan Jackson 😄 up for Michigan, who saved my life! ✊

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