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Im gonna be 100% honest im a level 81 and i tamed 3 gigas level 20-30 when you get the hang of kiting a giga into 3 metal dino gates and a bear trap it gets easy but be careful when using a flyer i lost a level 206 ptera and a imprinted level 226 tape to a giga beacause of its high aoe but im under leveled and still tamed 3 gigas if you want use bee honey to lure one into the trap i tamed all my gigas using this strat but i did use a mastercraft longneck or ascendant crossbow(im not in a tribe all solo tames seriously good luck taming and remember tamed giggas are alot worse than wild ones my first giga had 80600hp when tamed 17800😢good luck and happy taming

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