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The ground shakes…. What’s that sound? Well my friend, it’s a Giga and today I will teach you how to tame one of these beasts. But first here are some cool facts about them:

•Giga’s on Pc have a rage meter that increases when they get attacked ( I don’t think mobile gigas have them >_<

•They are the strongest Dino’s that you can tame!

•Wild Gigas have a base health of 80,000 while tames have only around 17,000 ( not cool Ark devs)

Let’s start you will need to pack:

•5 longneck rifles ( in case on breaks) or 5 crossbows

• 500 tranq darts or tranq arrows or shocking tranq arrows

• Around 200 Bio toxin or 550 narcotics

•100 regular or around 20-50 prime meat

[plz note that you might need more tranq darts if u use them]

Trap method:

• 10 stone foundations • 20 Stone gate ways • Bethemoth Dino gateway

Pillar method:

•15 or 20 stone and or metal pillars [ gigas are tall!!]

•Same amount of ladders as pillars

Trap method: How to make the trap

First, Place all 10 stone foundations on a flat surface

Next, place all of the doorways but leave a small gap between them. Leave room for the gate way

Last, place the very fat gateway in between the gap you left for it. Lure the giga into the trap and close the gate way. Knock it out then tame.

Pillar method: How to do it

First, Place all of the pillars on the ground then put the ladders on it. Climb to the top and hit the giga with the tranq ammo. Gigas tend to run when they’re getting close to being knocked out, so follow it until it’s knocked out. (They have very high topor)

Don’t be fooled gigas run away if they can’t reach you, so I recommend a spy glass to check on its topor.

That sums up this tip! I’m not asking for likes but if this helped you get a giga I’m very happy!

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