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Here's a glitch of mobile I found that works on most land creatures,

Also giga

Soo basically when it is near your structure and is aggressive towards you, It might start attacking the structure even when not Trapped

Get a gateway and couple hundred tranq darts or toxicant arrow with ascendant longneck or compound bow/crossbow

Then lure it towards your gateway and keep trying until it starts attacking the structure(A flyer like pteranodon is recommended with high quality saddle)

When it does start attacking the gateway, dismount from flyer at a distance and start firing tranqs, this seem risky but trust me it's safe until allo pack and an alpha raptor ambushes you, you can use a Griffin for this to safely shoot it

But the only problem is when it starts running away you have to chase it down and fire tranqs

With Griffin it won't be that much of a problem tho

Up soo more mobile players can take advantage before devs patches it

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