There is a cheap way to trap and knock out a giga

What you need:

1.) Find a flat surface (so that the trap works well)

2.) Get 4-5 metal billboards

3.) Get a flyer that can carry some creatures (e.x. argy, quetzal)

5.)A small creature that can place the billboard while mounted (e.x. dire wolf or raptor)

6.) Soothing balm X10 (if you are on mobile)

7.) Prime meat and Quetzal Kibble/Exceptional Kibble


And 9.) Lots of tranq arrows/tranq darts

Setting up the trap:

Find a flat surface with no creature in it then place 3 metal billboards at this shape \_/, after that go and pick up a creature so that the giga chase you then once its in the trap go and far away and ride the small creature (get far away so that the giga doesnt aggro to you) then place the billboard on the back and voila you have trapped the giga [Test if the giga is really trapped by making it chase you], lasty knock out the giga and maintain its torpor.

(Hope this helps)

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