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Fun facts if you want to know more about the giganotosaurus!

-Gigas can be found in moutain-like areas on many of Ark's maps. They have a saddle unlock at level 96.

-To tame them, you must knock it out. This is very tricky, as they can destroy stone and do hundreds of damage per bite.

-Wild gigas have 80,000 health, while tame ones have only around 18,000 health. Becuase of this, it is NOT recommended to fight a wild giga with a tamed giga.

-Gigas have a rage meter that fills up whenever it takes too much damage in a certain time period. When enraged, it will dismount you and will attack everything around it, including you.

-They are one of the few creatures you cannot take into boss arenas. However, this does not apply to Extinction's titans, as they have open-world arenas.

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