How to tame on mobile:

You need: 1 Stone Behemoth Gate set, Ascendant Rifle or Crossbow, some tranq ammo, Soothing balm, 50 Bio Toxin, Quetzal Kibble (2 just in case)

1. Go on your argy and find a Giga near the BLUE Obelisk.

2. Lure it to one of the big rocks in the Obelisk. (This will act as the other Behemoth Gateway.)

3. DO NOT UNMOUNT!!! Once the Giga is in the rock, place the Behemoth Gateway and Gate.

4. Sleep. (Optional)

5. Shoot it with your tranq ammo. (Shoot every 3-5 seconds!)

6. Apply Soothing Balm.

7. Feed Bio Toxin and Kibble.

8. Congrats! You tamed a Giga!

Up if this helped, this is my first guide on how to tame a Giga.

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