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Make a trap using 14 metal pillars. Place one down, then one on either side in the snap points. Place another along the middle, then a third along the middle then a fourth the same way. Remove the middle original pillar and the first one you placed opposite the original three. Place 4 additional pillars atop the two that were opposite the original middle, then 2 additional pillars on the one two snap points away from those. It should look like:

Pillar one 5 tall (empty snap point) pillar two 5 tall.

(Empty snap point)

Pillars three 3 tall

Pillars four 1 tall.

You lead the giga towards the trap on the one pillars side, it will hop over that, over the 3 pillars tall snap and get stuck between that and the two 5 pillar tall pillars. It won't even be able to turn.

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