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Get a good speed stamina and weight tapejara or pteranodon and a 15x soothing balm with prime and lots of narcotics and then find a giga and if you use tapejara fly somewhere nearby like a cliff and get on the side of the cliff to shoot when the giga gets to close fly somewhere else to shoot repeat to knock out the giga if you have a pteranodon make a metal trap from dino gates with a bear trap in the center I think you use five dino gates but only place down 4 in a circle shape and leave room for the 5th dino gate in the circle now lead the giga into the trap it should get caught in the bear trap and put the 5th dino gate behind the giga closing off the circle. Im on mobile btw hope this helped I still haven’t tamed a giga but is this a good strategy I came up with it myself

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