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Taming a Oversized chicken nugget: (giga) 1: Make 9 metal foundations and put them in a SQUARE FORMATION. ALL 9 MUST BE USED! 2: Make 36 metal walls. I know it’s a lot but trust me. Stack the walls 3x3 on each outer foundation. 3: For trapping purposes, make 15 stone walls. Stack 3 on the 3 metal walls in front, and 1 strip of 3 stone walls connecting to the ones you placed down. 4: made wooden/metal ramps up the opposite side of the 3x3 stone walls. 5: clear out the area. It is essential to do this or the giga will run at other things making you annoyed as crap. 6: lure giga into trap. 7: grab 100-500 tranq darts. 8: tranq the giga and soothing balm 10x or 15x. Feed it prime meat or quetzal kibble. 9: go home and do ice cave for saddle if you don’t already have one. 10: enjoy your new favorite killer. P.S. BEFORE YOU DO THIS DO LAVA CAVE FOR ASCENDANT CROSSBOW AND SOUTH CAVE FOR SOOTHING BALM. -Stumpy. (Tamed his first giga with this method at level 68.)

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