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Step 1: Craft kibble for Qez. I would recommend trading it.

Step 2: Knockout Qez, put kibble in, bring 500 bio toxin, tame it.

Step 3: Craft saddle and ride around mountains until you find a gigs.

Step 4: Just in case bring 120 trank dart and 3 long neck riffles.

Step 5: Be patient and keep shooting the gigs with trank darts until it’s knocked out.

Step 6: I would recommend having at least 4-6 soothing balms and 21 cooked prime meat.

Step 7: Put in bio toxicn and put in the prime meat and keeping using the soothing balm and feeding it the bio toxin while it’s eating the prime meat.

Step 8: After you tame it make sure to get on your Qez and go back and get the supplies to craft a saddle or grind for one, to get your gigs back to your base request it.

Step 9: Craft in at smithy and equip the saddle on your giga and boom you have a giga!

Step 10: If your play on a server or PvP server then research for further instructions, watch out for and thing that can make it enrage and never every leave it on passive.

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