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Me and my cousin were playing ark. Normal day.

(Cousin) Hey look a Rex can we tame it?! I’m gonna go trap it.

(Me) sure but be careful.

(Cousin) ok thanks.

You see, I was harvestng metal at the time and I trusted my cousin to tame or do certain things. My cousin.. eh... he wasn’t a bot at the game but he didn’t have a lot of experience. Even though he is older than me by like 5 years, he will still listen to my advice like “ run in a circle around the Rex with a crossbow and tranqs because they have terrible turn radius.

(Cousin) Uhhhhh.. uhhhm boogaloo why is it running so fast? Wait is this an alpha Rex, it’s much bigger than a normal one

(Me) I glanced over at his side of the screen and I immediately shoved my harvested metal in a storage box, jumped on my argy and booked it toward him. RUN JOSH RUN!!!! THATS A GIGA. I thankfully saved his life and an important asc crossbow that was in his inventory after stabbing argy tallons into his chest and carrying him away. We then prepared to tame it for real, and well we now have a lvl 224 giga that is waiting for a male lvl 224. Yea we got lucky with a literal max lvl 150 giga that almost ate my cousin. We haven’t leveled it yet because we want to breed it and do boss fights. We are yet to find a lvl 150 male.

Btw my real name isn’t boogaloo its my account name. My cousin just likes to call me that.

It’s either boogaloo, or shrimp.

Account name- Boogaloo1Shrimp

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