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The hardest part is not just finding one or knocking out this thing, but also keeps this guy unconscious is a challenge, it's gonna be a biggest mistake if you don't bring the taming food for this guy because their torpor drain rate is extremely high and only last about 2 minutes or even less.

So make sure you've prepared everything you going to need in order to tame this guy.

The easiest trap for this guy is 4 metal dinosaur gates and place it into square shape but don't place the last gate. Once you're done bring up your mount such as flyer or fast land runner and take a little closer to the giga, or just shoot him if you're using land mount. Once he's agroing to you, run straight into the trap and just don't look behind because he's really fast. After he's trapped dismount from your mount beside of the trap and prepare for placing the last gate on foot. You can use large bear trap for this guy and its just make everything much safer.

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