Grab an argent with or over 970 melee. And make sure it has a LOT of stamina and maybe some good health. What you gotta do is flank it. Once you get close enough, it's turn radius will not allow it to hit you if you go after the legs/flank/tail base. This is how I killed the lvl 5 that lurked too close to home. Took about 10-15 minutes but was worth it. def gonna be breeding argies.

I haven't encountered another one yet. But next time i want to try a thyla with health and melee [imprinted ofc] cause ofthe bleed.

Oh! And be careful! Least with my stats, the lvl 5 did 301 per hit. Sheesh.

Plus, sometimes it will run, so that wastes stamina but you get some free hits.

To escape just fly up and find a peak, regain stam, repeat. Also helps if you get it stuck in a hole or somewhere where you can attack the back, so maybe a tame trap for a giga.

Honestly. I'll never see myself taming one. The rage on it makes me scared. [I'm a wuss, I know.] But good luck, hope I helped!

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