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The best way to knock out a Giganotosaurus is to use a Quetzal with a platform saddle, have 1 player flying and have 2 or 3 on the platform shooting tranq arrows or tranq darts down at the Giganotosaurus, once it is unconscious have 1 of your players killing wild dinos on a good meat collector like a rex or spino and keep bringing raw prime to the Giganotosaurus, I recommend having a few stacks of raw meat incase you run out of raw prime meat, while you have 1 player out getting prime meat have another player feeding it narcotics when it's torpor is low, also place spikes around it to make sure wild dinos can't attack it so it don't get attacked so you keep your taming effectivnes up so you get extra levels once tamed. Once you have tamed your Giganotosaurus have a tribe member fly over to you with the saddle as I don't recommend having keeping the saddle on you while taming because your a big target for people to attack while taming a Giganotosaurus on a pvp server. Good luck :)

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