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NEVER ever get your tamed giga’s health to be under 50% or lower, it will activate RAGE mode. Rage mode is an aggressive stance that eats on EVERYTHING including you and your tames even if it’s tamed. Becareful of using the giga against a powerful dino or jumping of a cliff while riding a giga, entering rage mode while riding a giga will kick you off it’s saddle and eat you. Rage mode typically lasts for 20 seconds, however rage mode will buff the giga into a deadly machine! Rage mode buff will make your giga’s damage to 2x the damage. You might notice it’s glowing eyes when you suspect it to be in rage mode. I may be suggesting you removing your best weaponry and Armor to your base when your about to ride your giga anytime if you want for a risky stunt/adventure. After its rage mode finished it’s timer, it will go back to normal and it’s still tamed if your worried.

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