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WildCard can you decrees the giga egg hatching speed

Becise I’m soon going to download a tek giga egg from genesis part one

And it takes an hour to hatch with the hatching Dino egg speed and breeding speed at the quickest

And ideas for some new Dino’s and Beasts

Three types of hatchable dragons that are clamible when player hatched it

Dragon variants



And lightning

New Dino’s for WildCard To add to ARK



Time i dont know

Dominus Rex


Time 2015

From Jurassic world the movie 2015

And please WildCard Fix the Titanaboa because if you play Jurassic world Alive the real titanaboa dose not have frills

Now Time for a new platform saddle Graffititan Platform Saddle


Diet: plant eater

Nock out tame

New Flyers For WildCard

Giant dimorphodon

Nock out tame


Rideable with Dimorphodon saddle

Color Regina are the same as normal dimorphodon

Okay WildCard I’m wanting Ark to have a brand newSolarWyvern

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