Ok I tame a lot of gigs around 20 in official servers and I've lost 2 tames which were the first and a 1 I fell asleep on well first of all a gig wakes up in minutes sure it's torpor is high but that doesn't mean anything bring at least 2000-3000 narcs I mean when u first knock it out don't just start rushing narcotics it'll be a waste you have to wait till the torpor drops almost all the way down then rush the narcs you will notice the torpor rises up slowly that's good but some 1 will have to always be by the giga I tame they solo or with a squad but if you are taming solo build a trap and no not stone has to be metal don't do the triangle thing or what ever they said their playing solo with god mode if ur playing on the island back by carno island the 2 cliffs side by side put 2 behemoth metal gates at the end leave 1 closed other open lead giga in to the back close other gate then u are set tranq it -ALONEARKER

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