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Mainly a weapon of fear. Most players will instinctively run from the giga, but pros won’t. They know the giga’s rage makes it incredibly ineffective at combat. A few ballista bolts (lvl 29 engram) will make it rage and kill it’s rider. Basically the giga is America. “Don’t fight us, we’ll whoop you.” The health and damage is cut by 3/4 when tamed. Only actually worth the tame for fear tactics. Sooooooooo, don’t try to scare a pro with a giga. It ends with a dead you and later a dead giga. Anyways, if you see a giga coming towards your base, don’t run. Your stuff will be destroyed anyways and they’ll just hunt you down. Instead, run for your ballista. Dead rider and soon a dead giga, because for some reason most players set their tames to passive. Anyways, have a good day!

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