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Me: >Walks up to wild Giga< “aww so pretty!”

Then I realize I have a Lvl 1 diplocalus-

Giganotosaurus - Lvl 20 killed your Dip - Lvl 1 diplocalus!


Giga: “oh hello buddy... Buddy? Survivor why did you!”

-You died-

Me: I’m back!!

Giga far far away: “look buddy where are you?” >Dead diplo on floor Giga can’t see< “Ah!” “HUMANS!!” “Where is that little buddy!” >Stomps diplocalus into ground while walking< “what’s that squishy stuff..”

Dire wolf: ”NOPE!!”

Giga: “no please no!!”

Argy: “Giga!!” >Dies from being stomped on Giga<

Giga: “army!”

Me: “IVE COME BACK!!” >Walks up to Giga turns to look at me stomping on me<

-You Died-

Giga: “What?”

>and that’s why Gigas need friends well more.. they crush them all..<

Giga: “hey anyone here... Hello!!” “Agh never mind”

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