If you are to be faced against a giga, run or fly away. If you have one, put down a metal bear traps(s) while your running to keep it trapped until your out of its aggro range. Don't ever look back. If you choose to fight it, be sure you have two 230+ Rex's fighting it, or a tamed giga 50 levels higher then the wild to guarentee your tame will not die. Taming is a different story, I've only had 13 successful tames, all above 2 hours long and well over 1000 kibble each. My tip is get it trapped in a pen, with a metal bear trap then just spray it with tranqs until its KO. Have extra Kibble and Narcotics on standby just in case, and if it's a 90+ wild, don't try it unless you have over 5 people .

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