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To tame, it's preferable to have a square made out of behemoth gates with ramps that lead well over the gates with a bear trap inside and a few species x on topper of reach of the giga, the bear trap will keep it stuck and you will be able to shut the gate safely. The species x will keep the torpor on the giga from falling while shooting it. Make sure to have a few friends helping out and more than enough tranqs and narcotics with you. Once it's knocked out, put the narcotics in and wait for its torpor to drop low, then spam a few hundred narcotics and you won't have to worry about it waking up in the 2 minutes, but still have someone watching it. If you have the kibble, it's preferable to starve tame it, that way if it wakes up, all you used were narcotics. Make sure when the giga starts to run away, turn off the species x so they won't end up knocking it out because they'll keep shooting it when it falls. Taming a giga is not for uncommitted tribes.

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