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Since the flyer nerf, quetzals aren't a option & the Tapejara rider doesn't always have their shots counted. We recently tamed a 150 on foot. For those of us who don't have metal traps for these monsters, I offer this advise. Smugglers Pass. It is between two mountains, almost perfectly so kiting it down is a breeze. Depending on your server, this may be taken. But where the first two cliffs open after following the river in, is a giga nigtmare. There are two rock faces you can stand on & fire from. A third if you're willing to dance with an argent or two. While the Giga may run, it will likely become stuck on the numerous rocks, cliffs, and probable pillars if in PVE. Remember, this is a Giga. Light it up. Don't wait five seconds between shots like most. In our experience, it's best to spend every arrow you have, break all of your bows, and then light it up again some. Until that thing hits the ground, it can take more arrows. In the worst case, you save pumping some narcotics.

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