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I tamed one using my argy with 10k hp. I built 2 metal gates around a bear trap (a common trap a lot of people use.) However I kept messing up and having to demolish my gates. After making multiple mistakes I found out that metal billboards work too. (the big signs. not the little ones.) Also, my 10k hp argy couldn’t tank it for long to lead it into the trap. The giga I tamed was lvl 25 and it was still hitting for like 400 dmg per bite. You’re never invincible with these things. I brought about 600 tranq arrows and over 1k narcotics (overpreparing is much better than underpreparing.) I lead it down to the beach to trap it. Its a flat area so it works well. Lead it into the bear trap, place billboards or gates behind it, and then shoot it like crazy with tranqs. (it should be 100% stuck by the time you start shooting.) Also, honorable mention! IT RUNS FASTER THAN ARGYS. I havent tried with Ptera but they have trash health anyways.

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