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I'll be honest with you, taming these on scorched earth, Ragnarok and modded maps with scorched engrams and recourses is best, "why?" Because there you have flame arrows and flame throwers, simply shoot the hive with your gun of choice, I recommend anything but a rocket launcher or tek rifle since whenever I try it with those nothing comes out, then burn the drones with a flamethrower, it's most effective, once you've gotten rid of them run up to the Queen, jump, and feed her, that's how it's done, all the drones will tame to you and you should be good, then just obtain bee hive and once you get back to base place the bee hive and demolish it, your bee will come out just fine, if you want honey just place the hive and give it rare flowers, I recommend having camouflage on so they don't attack you, you'll soon get some honey for taming bears and liopluerodons, and making veggie cakes, I believe it's in megalania kibble as well.

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