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Hi! Today ill be showcasing the abilities of the gallimimus! So lets not waste anytime!

Abilities of the Gallimimus:

1 MULTIPLAYER:Sabillity (Its saddle has 3 seats, 1 seat in front for the pilot and the other 2 as a gunner. Like a Tapejara.)

2:Movability (Its speedy as Usain Bolt! Once you acctually have enough speed for 200 Movement Speed, you are FAST. So Gallimimus could potentionally be a LIFE SAVER.)

3:Yeetabillity (Once you have enough movement speed and being outspeeded, you can use the jump button and YEET YOURSELF AS FAST.)[Note: This works at high movement speed and works when you charge up your speed.]

4 MULTIPLAYER: Gallimimus is used for travelling in making a new base with your tribe except for Stego, Para, Trike, Quetzal, Raptor, and Therizino.

I hope yall liked this!

Have a nice day and you have earned this cookie and sword πŸ—‘πŸͺ! Anyways PEACE OUT! ✌

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