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Taming a 145 lvl ferox and you get 205 after taming it. Once you cryo the ferox and put him out again it seems that there’s no xp gain bar when it turn into a monster after feeding him element. Of all the kills you’ve done you get no xp for the ferox first fight. When this happens just be sure not to continue feeding him element. After the formation time is up and it gets back to its usual size, cryo it up again and let him out, you get back a 145 lvl ferox with its xp gain bar available. And that’s when you start to level up your ferox. Forget about taming bonuses when you’re trying to tame this little guy. I’m not sure if this is a kinda bug or what, but after all that happened that I’ve mention above, It’s safe to continue leveling up your ferox and have its next generations with better stats. Cheers

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