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Little info/guide over his skills&more:

The ferox is one of the best creatures in genesis&ark

You can breed it to a rly good beast that kills very much XD

:&You can give them head gears that looks suuper awesome XD(little tipp: clownmask,gasmask,deasert hat,ghillie, these are my favorite)

:You can climd with it(big trees in bog biom very nice)

:/throw other little creatures in the air(you can even throw golems away lol XD)

:throw stones with area dmg

:& with repeated jumps you jump soo far&are faster than all animals

:you can even dive with it,

:& the coolest thing,you can make repeated jumps in the water like an manta so your even in water very fast its so crazy

This creature is amazing so cool so funny my absolutly favorite

Push it 4 other people so they can see this little info

Have a nice day ;)

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