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Really good for early game, it's how most good players start, simply spawn on Ragnarok in the Highlands and near the lighthouse you will find a natural garden of carrots to tame the horses.They are a common spawn in the Highlands. Slightly different and more complicated to tame then normal Dino's so I would check that but one tamed they can be ridden without a saddle(you have to be LV 10 to tame one). With the saddle there inventory acts as a mortar and pestle as well as the only way in the game to craft a lasoo. Lasoos are useful for taming as if you knock out Dino like a pteradon you can lasoo it and drag to a more convenient location. They also harvest berries, thatch and wood well. They have normally around 400 weight which is good and they are fairly fast. All round good mount for early game...ffs why do I have the time to right that I'm sad lol.

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