It was very hard for me to tame my Equuses. I dismounted on accident so many times on my first one, its effectiveness went down to 33%.9. Partly because of the terror birds attacking, and me pressing rockarrots on accident, and lastly.... Because of hunger. I managed to find a lvl 13. I tamed it with 73.99 effectiveness, or so. Equus are so rare for me on mobile, to the point where if I have lots of rockarrots, and I see an equus, or lots of equus, I will bring Rexy to demolish all that dare attack those, so I can tame them all. Also, for me again, they are rare for me, BUT... It seems like they are as rare as a unicorn. (If you find equus every once in like.. days? Then please tame all you can, until you have enough equuses to swap out incase one dies). Also, equus can only be tamed with Dilo kibble, or rockarrot. So please don't come at it with any other berry. THEY ARE NOT KNOCKOUT TAMES, I REPEAT, THEY ARE NOT KNOCKOUT TAMES. When I tried to tame an equus before I got my tamed ones, I saw one but it was getting chased by a raptor. I decided to let it die, because I figured there would be more. Biggest mistake of my life. NO. NONE. All spawn points empty. No more equus. So I went back to my base. And I came back in redwoods. Still no equus. Hours, or a day later... BOOM walking at the right end of redwoods, 2 equus spawn. Me sitting there with no rockarrots. 0. So I tamed an iguano, and got a heck a lotta rockarrots. I tamed them both. I named a brown one Starbuckz, and the other Silver. They are happy in my base❤️. Unfortunately, they are both female, so I cannot breed.

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