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How to get tonnes of narcotics, without even needs it :

Bring scorpions, while you're riding equus

Every little or big things you'd meet, start to knocking it with the horse, let the scorpions keep tranqs the target and feed

Meanwhile, go farm berries with the horse, and go get the meat form the big arthropods

Enjoy the narcotics

How to not use narcotics, even with dudes requires it to be tamed :

Start to tranq it, with the horse, but keep the attack rate low

Even when the target is knocked out, keep kick it, every times you'd see torpidity to low, but doesn't feed him yet

If you were careful, to not kick to much, the starve level could be around 25% while the tame target would have to low health to keep kick it, so once you'd feed him, the tame progress would jump instantly

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