Was swimming to get silica pearls from cave. My mate was waiting for me as I did not know the exact location of the cave. He was just idle deeper in the water. I was close to surface. I saw them approaching him and tried to warn him but itwas too late.

I parked my ichty near the shore and tried to get his bag. They swam towards me even though i was quite a distance away. I ended up dying. I respawned and quickly flew my lightning wyvern(pre nerf) to where my ichty was only to seeit get killed by the eels.

The eels then proceeded to another players plesi and started shocking it. There were quite a few of the eels. Me and my mate started blasting them with the lightning. Not sure if I was hitting them, I moved closer. Seems it was close enough to get shocked and the wyvern was paralyzed and couldn't move. Luckily I was not alone or it could have been the end for my wyvern.

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