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*teleports in with theri's and yuty*(alpha)

"OK guys we can do this let's go woo"

*uses courage roar theri's do good damage*

"Huh I wonder why it's flying so high well I'll just wait for it to come back it's not like it can do anything"

*waits a few seconds and looks up*

"is ThAt a fIrEbaLllLllLlL?"

*firey agony and doom*


*Your theri level 194 died* 6 times

"OH NO not gOoD"

*all but 2 theris die*

"Welp I'm fOrKeD"

*armor breaking at max volume"


*You died*

*moves to console power button*


"Now let's watch ppl do it right on yt and act like nothing happened"

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