I play on mobile and when I was taming mine I had to run back to go get some food for him and a soothing balm when I had gotten back the topor was still to the right of the s, my base is at lat: 78.31 lon: 77.52 and i tamed my at lat: 69.67 lon: 82. 70 and the topor had dropped in front of the s



it was like this when I had botten back

also I ran all the way on foot and my movement speed is 109

also be careful getting off of them when on a raft with no roof, they will start to levitate, I wish I was joking. the only way to fix this if they do start to levitate is to move while riding them I'm not sure abt have them follow you because I have not tried it and I don't want to risk it testing that theory. I don't recommend you try that theory but if you do be careful.


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