Are A begginer And have Problems with stone. Guess what I Will Tell you this tip to get a doedicurus At a low level (10+ 20+) well first You need a raft Put some foundation in the raft and make The SIMPLIEST Taming pen Well Its just a 2x2 Trap. you don't know what's a 2x2 its just one foundation sorrunded By Door frames

To find one its simple go to the moshpit What's a moshpit Its a Place where nearly all Dinos Spawn Actively They are easy to find its just At the Top Left at your map Near to the artic Once you reach there you will find a Big Black Boulder and that is where you find It but don't Get off the raft and set foot because I said A moshpit is an active spawn with nearly all the creatures in ark so that means Rex,raptor'car no'argentavis'sabertooth'Scorpions'

Actively spawn there

OK then if you manage to find one Agro on it and lead it to the trap. Make sure The area is clear or else..

Don't worry You can easily outrun them Because there Slowwwww as Heck

I hope this Helpfull

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