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I am dodo

I am cute-o

Now everyone say, let's go

I'm the dodo

I hide in huts,

And sniff people's butts

I'm pretty small, (yeah yeah yeah)

I fit in a mall

I have a beak for pecking, (yeah yeah yeah!)

Claws for digging,

And feathers to keep me warm

Yeah I am the dodo

Dont think that I am weak

I'll peck you with my beak

I'll kill you in an week

Dont belive me? You'll see.

I'm invincible to bees,

Can climb up trees,

Dont like to eat thos stimberries

I'll travel across seas

Just to get thos azulberries

~Ε’hΓ« Δ‘ΓΆΔ‘ΓΆ şâňğ~

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