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To me they are actually pretty fat good travel buddies and good for killing plant x so yeah they're extremely useful the only thing is once I was on my PS4 and I got a Ark and I tamed a few dodosand my friends told me they are useless so I told him no they're not they're actually pretty good suicide bombers because you just put a C4 on him them and pick them up with a Pteranodon and Drop them into an enemy base and just detonate them and watch the fireworks and also they're good biological chemical weapons get a cure first and then take a few dodos into the swamp and get them all infected and then pick them up with a Pteranodon and drop them in to an enemy base and then Cure yourself so yeah they are not useless and then I get online the next day and I see them on claiming all my dodos and then I'm like guys you know I can just team more and they're like yeah but if you keep on taming them will kick you out of the tribe and I'm like well you are sensitive about a few dodos LOL

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