if you see one of these RUN FOR YOUR LIFE thay WILL kill…

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if you see one of these RUN FOR YOUR LIFE thay WILL kill you with out a doubt this is an end game tame it’s super hard to tame DONT underestimate it i was walking along the beach then all of a sudden four of these beasts began to rip and seed me apart then about 0.2 seconds latter i was DEAD out of know were then i respawned then i see 10 of these massive beasts out side my door eating away at my gates and all i could do is watch as they ate my gates then i thought to my self wait i have 5 gigas 7 rexes and 10 spinos and 10 raptors and some wolves surely thay will kill these beasts right? WRONG thay shredded though my tames and as a heard there painful crys as thay we’re getting swarmed there were hundreds all lvl 100000 i cryed as they finished the last spino it was sapphire my fave she batteled to the end and as i herd her last shriek of pain all i could now was sit and cry and wait for death i listen as they munched and riped my tek base apart then they slaughtered me and still haven’t tamed or killed one of these till this day...

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