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Once I was boreddd so I tamed 4 dodos and made them target a diplo , I watched in shock as they got under his belly and attacked , he couldn't push them away!! They're too smoll! In the next 3 mins he ran away , but my dodos were too slow to follow I whistled passive and for the next 4 days I leveled nothing but speed and melee on them , the last day of training was the best ever 4 level 150 dodos , I bred repeatedly and got a massive army and neutered/spayed them all, why you ask? Because I didn't want them to stop to mate when I set them on wander. I set them all on wander and aggressive,watching and laughing as they killed trikes and diplos galore , then they accidently killed my friend from a different tribe , oh well. If they start a war , you know who's gonna win 😏

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